A1C Chek Express Test Kit

  • Test Kit for A1C Chek Express only
  • Great to have as a reserve
  • Never run out of supplies
  • 25 Test Strips, 25 Blood Samplers, 1 Code Chip, 1 Buffer Kit (A&B)

Model:  A1C-S42
Bar Code:  6935784411176
Brand:  BioHermes

A1C Chek Express Test Kit

To make sure you always have enough supplies for the A1C Chek Express glycohaemoglobin analyser, you can buy the test kit. It's the perfect add-on so you never run out of supplies. 

What's included?

25 Test Strips

25 Blood Samplers

1 Code Chip

1 Buffer Kit (A&B)

The kit is specifically made for the A1C Chek Express, so isn't compatible with any other glycohaemoglobin analyser. 

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