EuniceMed Black Wrist Wrap

  • Supports and stabilises wrist joint
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Prevents hyper-extension
  • One size

Model:  CPO-2405
Bar Code:  4716329559131
Brand:  EuniceMed

EuniceMed Black Wrist Wrap

The EuniceMed Wrist Wrap is an essential support for wrist or hand injuries.

This support provides added stability for the wrist joint whilst still being easy to wear and easily adjustable, suitable to all sizes. This wrist wrap is made out of a breathable elastic material that decreases sweating between the support and the wrist/hand so adding comfort and hygiene.

It's ideal to wear for healing wrists to prevent over-extension which could injure the wrist more. Similarly, they can used in sport or when participating in any activity that involves lifting or may strain your wrists, 

To make sure your wrists are well supported and aren't at risk of injury, a Wrist Wrap is a must have.