Child Elbow Immobiliser

  • For children
  • 2 sizes available
  • Supports and stabilises elbow
  • Ideal for strain, sprain, injury, fracture or after surgery
  • Made from latex free material that is kind on skin
  • Steel inserts helps immobilise the elbow

Model:  E-EL881-P
Bar Code:  4712302980763
Brand:  E-Life

Child Elbow Immobiliser

When a child injures their elbow, an elbow immobilser or support can help the surrounding muscle and tissue heal and repair. 

The immobilser works to support the elbow and has a rigid steel insert to keep the elbow in an extended position to reduce flexion of the elbow. This is ideal to use after surgery, or fracture or when there has been a strain or sprain. 

Made from a latex free material the support is comfortable and gentle on the skin. 

Sizes (children):

Paediatric: Height: 10cm, Elbow Circumference: Up to 29cm

Youth: Height: 15cm, Elbow Circumference: 18-23cm