Child Knee Immobiliser

  • For children
  • Supports and immobilses the knee
  • Ideal for after an operation or fracture cast removal
  • 3 piece design for precise fit
  • Removable medial, lateral and posterior stays
  • Comfortable, washable, skin-friendly toweling cloth material
  • Hook and loop straps allow a better fit
  • 2 sizes available

Model:  E-KN881-8
Bar Code:  4712302988875
Brand:  E-Life

Child Knee Immobiliser

After surgery or fracture cast removal, a knee immobilser is essential to help heal with the correct alignment and also to avoid further damage. 

The support has posterior and sturdy bilateral stays to immobilise the leg at 0°-20°, this help to avoid movement in the knee which in turn helps the knee to heal. Made from a cloth material, the support is comfortable, washable and is kind on the skin. With the hoop and loop straps, the support can be adjusted to provide a precise fit, along with the 3 piece design. 

Sizes (child):

Paediatric: Knee circumference: 25-30cm, Length: 20cm

Youth: Knee circumference: 30-33cm, Length: 30cm