Flufsan Night Adult Nappies (pack of 15)

  • For moderate to serious incontinence
  • Breathable, woven plastic
  • Kind to skin
  • Restickable tabs and elastic leg cuffs for the perfect fit
  • 24hr fresh sensation
  • High performance absorption
  • Dry fast core
  • Available in a variety of sizes


Model:  301251
Bar Code:  8015 013301251
Brand:  Flufsan

Flufsan Night Adult Nappies (pack of 15)
 Flufsan Night Adult Nappies (pack of 15)Flufsan Night Adult Nappies (pack of 15) 

Flufsan Night Adult Nappies provide safe and comfortable protection against moderate to serious incontinence and particularly suitable for those who are bed bound or similar. The non-woven layer in contact with the skin, absorbs and traps dampness which helps prevent skin irritation and redness. To ensure the perfect fit, the restickable tabs can be adjusted and the leg cuffs are elasticated. The nappies are plastic backed but they are made to feel similar to cloth so that it is gentle on the skin. This feature provides the protection, hygiene and comfort.

Each pack contains 15 nappies. 


  • Soft Small: 1625ml
  • Small : 1610ml
  • Medium : 2663ml
  • Large : 3073ml
  • Extra Large: 3303ml

Size guide:

  • Soft small: Waist 50-80cm, Weight <40kg
  • Small: Waist 80-115cm, Weight <40kg
  • Medium: Waist 80-115cm, Weight 40-70kg
  • Large: Waist 115-150cm, Weight +70kg
  • Extra Large: Waist 115-150cm, Weight +70kg