MediGenix Compact Nebuliser

  • Small in size
  • Ideal for home use
  • Suitable for both adults & children
  • Effectively delivers medicine directly to the lungs
  • MMAD 2.52um
  • Nebulisation rate > 0.2ml/min
  • 7ml medicine capacity
  • Full neb kit & storage bag included

Model:  MGX-061
Bar Code:  634158614606
Brand:  MediGenix

MediGenix Compact Nebuliser
 MediGenix Compact NebuliserMediGenix Compact Nebuliser 

The MediGenix Compact Nebuliser is a great device to get medication straight to the lungs where it is needed. Nebulisers transform liquid medicine into a fine mist, which helps the medicine travel quickly and easily into the lungs. 

Ideal for both adults and children with two mask sizes, this nebuliser is suitable for all ages. With a full neb kit included, the device is ready to be used straight away. It is also convenient for travel with a storage bag included too. 

The particle size is MMAD 2.52µm, which means this is ideal for lower respiratory tract infections such as a chest infection. (See article on Finding the Right Nebuliser for more information). With a nebulisation rate of >0.2ml/min the medicine is quickly delivered to the lungs. 


  • Compact nebuliser
  • Storage bag
  • Neb kit: mouthpiece, adult mask, child mask, air tube, 5 filters.


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