Rossmax Suction Machine

  • Ideal for tracheostomised patients
  • Ideal for home or hospital use
  • Strong vacuum of -600mmHg
  • Overflow valve 
  • Anti-bacterial filters
  • Accessory compartment
  • Ergonomic design

Model:  V5
Bar Code:  4715139600347
Brand:  Rossmax

Rossmax Suction Machine

The Rossmax V5 Suction Unit is a medical aspirator designed for qualified use in caring for tracheotomised patients, post-operative therapy in hospital or home-care and minor surgeries.

The V5 is used to remove unwanted fluid or potentially infectious substances from the areas surrounding, and including, the airways and respiratory system. PVC tubing is used to remove fluids and substances through suction into a collection canister for safe disposal. This collection canister has a capacity of 1400ml. The high power and performance pump delivers a -600mmHg Vacuum as well as a 30l/min flow for optimal ease and use for the user.

Working in conjunction with PVC tubing and collection canister, the V5 has a Triple Protection System that uses an overflow valve, an antibacterial filter and fool-proof design to ensure controlled sanitary use. The easy-to-view dashboard, simple operating dial and button operated lid provides effortless operation. When use is complete, there is a useful tubing holder and depository section so that everything tucks away neatly and nicely for the next use.


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