MultiCare IN Cholesterol Strips (5's)

  • x5 Strips
  • For MultiCare IN Meter only
  • 8µL blood sample needed
  • Large measuring range
  • Comes in compact tube

Model:  3830261
Bar Code:  8002937230361
Brand:  MultiCare IN

MultiCare IN Cholesterol Strips (5's)

The MultiCare IN Cholesterol Strips are to be used with the MultiCare IN Meter only. Each box contains 5 strips and a compact tube for them to be stored in. This is a great add-on item when purchasing the MultiCare IN Meter so you always have some strips in the cupboard at home.

Each strips needs a small blood sample of 8µL to test cholesterol levels and the measuring time is about 30 seconds or so. The strips allows a measurement range of 130mg/dl to 400 mg/dl (3.3 – 10.2mmol/L). 

You can also purchase a tube of x25 test strips here.

Always read the instructions before using.