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Cold Pack for the MedActiv MediCube 2 - 8C Bag (1 per pack)

Medactiv refreezable cold pack for using with the MediCube 

Medactiv iCool Cold Pack for Prestige and Weekender 2-8C bags (1 per pack)

Cold pack for the iCool Prestige and iCool Weekender

MedActiv iCool MediCube Medicine & Insulin Travel Case  (2 - 8C)

Stores and carries temperature sensitive medicine 36 hrs

Medactiv iCool Prestige Medicine Travel Case (2 - 8C)

Isothermic case for temperature sensitive medicine

Medactiv iCool Weekender Travel Case (2 - 8C)

Transports supplies and temperature sensitive medicine for up to 10 hours

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