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All-In Lite Diabetic Carry Case

Attractive diabetic case for supplies in 3 styles

All-In Diabetic Carry Case

Slim and stylish Diabetic Carry Cases in a range of 4 colours

All-In Plus Diabetic Carry Case

Diabetic kit case with extra storage compartment 

MediGenix CoolMeds Medicine & Insulin Isothermic Travel Case (2 - 8C)

Isothermic case with integrated digital thermometer, stores temperature sensitive medicine

MedActiv iCool MediCube Medicine & Insulin Travel Case  (2 - 8C)

Stores and carries temperature sensitive medicine 36 hrs

Medactiv iCool Prestige Medicine Travel Case (2 - 8C)

Isothermic case for temperature sensitive medicine

Medactiv iCool Weekender Travel Case (2 - 8C)

Transports supplies and temperature sensitive medicine for up to 10 hours

CoolMeds Commute Medicine & Insulin carry case (15-25C)

Ensure daily diabetic kit and insulin is safe and secure

Medicool Dia-Pak Classic

Carefully stores 1 weeks diabetic supply

Medicool Daily Diabetic Organiser

Safely store and transport insulin & diabetic supplies

Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe

Keeps 2 week diabetic supply safe and secure

Medicool Dia-Pak Daymate

Securely carries daily diabetic supplies

Medicool Pen Plus Diabetic Cool Bag

Protects and carries insulin pens & vials 

Medicool Poucho Diabetic Wallet

A travel pouch that cools through evaporation


Medicool Insulin Protector

Durable insulin carry case with 2 refreezable packs

MediGenix CoolMeds Cold Pack for CoolMeds 2 - 8C case (1 per pack)

Refreezable cold pack for using with the CoolMeds 2-8°C bag

CoolMeds Buffer Pad

CoolMeds replacement buffer pad for the CoolMeds 2-8°C Isothermic bag 

Cold Pack for the MedActiv MediCube 2 - 8C Bag (1 per pack)

Medactiv refreezable cold pack for using with the MediCube 

Medactiv iCool Cold Pack for Prestige and Weekender 2-8C bags (1 per pack)

Cold pack for the iCool Prestige and iCool Weekender

MediGenix CoolMeds Cold Pack for Commute 15-25C bag (1 per pack)

MediGenix Cold Pack for use with the CoolMeds Commute

Medicool Dia-Pak Cold Gel Ice Pack for Deluxe, Classic, Organiser and Pen Plus 15-25C Bags (Large - 2 per pack)

Large refreezable gel pack for Dia-Pak Deluxe, Dia-Pack Classic, Daily Organiser and the Pen Plus

Medicool Dia-Pak Cold Gel Ice Pack/Buffer Pad for Daymate  15-25C Bag (Small - 2 per pack)

Small refreezable gel pack for use with the Dia-Pak Daymate


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