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Core Blood Glucose Meter Test Kit

Core self coding blood glucose meter with strips

Core Blood Glucose Meter Strips (50's)

x50 Core blood glucose strips

OKmeter Control Solution

Control solution for Core & Hitech blood glucose meter

MultiCare IN Cholesterol, Glucose & Triglyceride Meter Test Kit

MultiCare-IN measures glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides

MultiCare IN Glucose Electrodes (50's)

X50 Glucose strips 

MultiCare IN Cholesterol Strips (5's)

X5 Cholesterol strips

MultiCare IN Cholesterol Strips (25's)

X25 Cholesterol strips

MultiCare IN Triglyceride Strips (5's)

X5 Triglyceride strips

MultiCare IN Triglyceride Strips (25's)

X25 Triglyceride strips

A1C EZ Glycohaemoglobin Analyser

Precise and simple glycohaemoglobin analyser

A1C EZ Test Kit (25's)

Test kit (25's) for the A1C EZ 2.0 Glycohaemoglobin HbA1c Analyser

A1C Chek Express

Highly accurate and easy to operate glycohaemoglobin analyser

POC Multi-Parameter LUX Meter Lipid Test Strips

x10 lipid strips for LUX Meter


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items