A1C Chek Express

  • Identifies prediabetes, diagnoses diabetes, monitors diabetes
  • Blood sample of 3µL
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • 1000 Test result memory
  • Data transfer via Wifi or USB cable
  • Built-in speaker
  • Room temperature storage
  • Meter only, A1C Chek Express Test Kit sold separately

Model:  A1C-M41
Bar Code:  6935784411077
Brand:  BioHermes

A1C Chek Express

The A1C Express is a highly accurate glycohaemoglobin analyser, designed for professional use. 

Glycohaemoglobin analysers detect the patients HbA1c levels.

What is HbA1c? HbA1c means glucated haemoglobin; this develops when haemoglobin joins with glucose. The levels of HbA1c can paint a picture of the patients average glucose levels over the past few months. 

There are three main reasons glycohaemoglobin analysers are used:

  • To identify Prediabetes
  • To diagnose Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • To Monitor diabetes

What makes the A1C Chek Express different from other anaylsers is that it's super easy to use with a built-in speaker where a voice guides you through the whole process.  Not only this but there in no need to add a solution as it is already in the machine and will add it automatically. It also only requires a small blood sample of 3µL which provides a result in approximately 5 minutes. The A1C Chek Express can also save 1000 test results, which can also be transferred to another device, such as a PC, via Wifi or Type B USB cable. The device can be stored in room temperature conditions, which makes it easy to look after. 

Ideal for clinical use, the A1C Chek Express is a sophisticated, advanced glycohaemoglobin analyser that takes the fuss out of testing but still provides precise results. 


  • x1 A1C Express
  • x1 Power Adaptor
  • x1 User Manual
  • x1 Quick Start Guide
  • x1 Warranty Card and Hangtag
  • x1 Type B USB Cable

Additional test kits are sold separately which are needed to complete a test.