Rossmax Aero Spacer

  • Universal backpiece
  • Can be used with most commonly prescribed inhalers
  • Able to hold 175ml 
  • Soft silicone masks
  • BPA & latex free
  • Anti-static spacer improves delivery
  • Highly efficient

Model:  AS175IM
Bar Code:  4715139600156
Brand:  Rossmax

Rossmax Aero Spacer
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The Rossmax AS175 Aero Spacer is a high-quality, functional device made with a universal back piece to suit most commonly prescribed inhalers. An aero spacer can be really useful because they give the user more time to breathe in the medicine and helps it get into the lungs more efficiently. 

With a chamber volume of 175ml, the Rossmaz Aero Spacer comes complete with a highly efficient 1 way valve system to make inhalation and exhalation an easier experience. Along with this, the anti-static spacer improves the delivery of MDI by stopping the adherence of drugs to the spacer wall. 

Not only is the AS175 efficient, it also portable and has the ability to be easily disassembled for cleaning, as well as the availability of a mouthpiece cap which can be used to protect the device from dirt and material when not in use. There are 3 different size masks available, all made of silicone to ensure comfort and a secure seal. This Aero Spacer contains no latex or BPA.

Aero spcers are really useful devices and aid a super easy and secure delivery of medicine. 

Size guide:

  • Small: 0-18months
  • Medium: 12 months - 5 years
  • Large: 5 years - adult