EuniceMed Gel Arch Supports

  • 1 Pair of gel arch supports
  • Supports the arch of the foot
  • Reduces and prevents pain
  • Helps stability and balance
  • Fits most shoe sizes

Model:  CPF-2201
Bar Code:  4716329552392
Brand:  EuniceMed

EuniceMed Gel Arch Supports

The EuniceMed Gel arch supports are ideal for those who suffer from conditions such as flatfoot or over pronation.

It's important to support the arch of your foot because it evenly distributes weight and pressure on your feet along with helping your balance and posture. The supports are made to aid the arch, increase stability and prevent arch pain. They maximise pain relief and comfort by absorbing shocks and relieve muscle strain.

Not only are these supports effective, they also fit most shoe styles, making them practical for everyday use.