Child Air/Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace 2-7 years

  • For children
  • Ideal for ankle sprain and instability
  • Can be used to avoid injury in sport activities
  • Controls movement of the ankle
  • Gel acts as a shock aborbent
  • Evenly distributes pressure
  • Two adjustable straps around the ankle
  • Universal designs means it fits left or right foot

Model:  E-AN860
Bar Code:  4712302982910
Brand:  E-Life

Child Air/Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace 2-7 years

The paediatric air/gel stirrup ankle brace provides support around the ankle, making it ideal for ankle sprains and instability, along with being used during sporting activities to avoid injury.

Designed to control inversion or eversion, the brace still allows for normal dorsi-flexion, so can be used comfortably throughout the day. The air and gel bladders have a cooling affect on the ankle whilst evenly distributing pressure to avoid too much impact in one area, which subsequently reduces the risk of injury.

To ensure the brace fits well, it has been anatomically designed to the contours of the foot and ankle. As well as this, there are two straps, one around the ankle and the other under the heel, which are both adjustable. The brace can also be used on either the left or right foot. 


Paediatric: 2-7years. Ankle circumference: 13-19cm.


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