Child Wrist Splint with Abducted Thumb

  • For children
  • 4 sizes available
  • Supports the wrist whilst limiting movement
  • Protects thumb from injury
  • Can be used after fracture cast has been removed
  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Anatomically designed 
  • Made from a breathable foam material

Model:  E-WR802-LL
Bar Code:  4710374233466
Brand:  E-Life

Child Wrist Splint with Abducted Thumb

Ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, metacarpophalangeal or carpometacarpal joint injury, the wrist splint with thumb abduction helps to support the wrist to help it heal correctly. It also limits the movement to avoid worsening the injury or overexerting the wrist. The palmar and dorsal stay immobilised to prevent flexion and extension. Also, the splint protects the thumb from any impact too. 

Our paediatric splints come in two sizes for children and have adjustable closures to provide a comfortable fit. The splint is breathable and made from a foam material. It has been designed anatomically to provide maximum support to provide a better fit. 

Sizes (child):

Paediatric: 2-7 years, 11-14cm

Youth: 8-12 years, 14-17cm

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