Rossmax Aneroid Sphymomanometer

  • White enamel dial face
  • Non-stop pin reliable manometer
  • Latex free cuff
  • Optional D-ring cuff, wrap cuff and stethoscope available
  • Zipper bag included

Model:  GB111
Bar Code:  5060796620160
Brand:  Rossmax

Rossmax Aneroid Sphymomanometer
 Rossmax Aneroid SphymomanometerRossmax Aneroid Sphymomanometer 

The Rossmax Sphygmomanometer is a smart and simple device to measure one's blood pressure manually. It is professional and sleek in its design with a white dial face and chrome-plated brass air valve release. 

The sphygmomanometer comes as three options, with wrap cuff or D-ring cuff, or with a D-ring cuff and stethoscope. All options come complete with a zipper bag. The D-ring cuff can be resized between 24-32cm and the wrap can be resized between 25.2-40.6cm. Both of the cuffs are latex free so can be used on most people. 

How to use:

1. Firstly you need to apply the cuff. If the cuff isn't applied correctly, you will not be able to take a successful reading. Wrap the cuff around your bare upper arm with the tube coming out the bottom in line with your fourth finger. On the cuff, there is a main artery icon to help you a place the cuff correctly around your arm. 

2. Next you need to place the stethoscope over the main artery, just underneath the cuff. 

3. Make sure the valve is closed and squeeze the bulb to reach a blood pressure 20-30mmHg over your normal blood pressure by looking at the pressure showing on the dial.

4. Carefully, open the valve to slowly let the cuff deflate. 

5. As soon as you start hearing the heartbeat through the stethoscope, record the reading on the dial face - this is your systolic reading.

6. Keeping slowly deflating the cuff. When you can no longer hear the heartbeat, record the reading on the dial face - this is your diastolic reading.