Medactiv iCool Cold Pack for Prestige and Weekender 2-8C bags (1 per pack)

  • Refreezable cold pack
  • For iCool Prestige or iCool Weekender only
  • Keeps medicines between 2-8°C
  • Helps medicine stay cooler for longer

Model:  MAF005
Bar Code:  705422427700
Brand:  Medactiv

Medactiv iCool Cold Pack for Prestige and Weekender 2-8C bags (1 per pack)

When purchasing the iCool Weekender or iCool Prestige the iCool Cold pack is an essential extra. It plays the key part in ensuring your medicine is kept in the correct conditions. It is so important that temperature sensitive medication is looked after properly; if it isn't, the medicine can become dangerous to consume.

The iCool Cold pack keeps medicine cool at 2-8°C when used in conjunction with an iCool Prestige bag or the Weekender bag.

Always have a spare cold pack in your freezer to never put your health at risk. 

Dimensions:  16x10x1.5cm and weighs 268 grams.

Care information: Always freeze your gel packs for at least 12-14 hours in a domestic freezer before using them in your medicine bag.


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