MediGenix Pregnancy Test Midstream (1 Test)

  • x1 Test
  • 99% accurate
  • Simple to use
  • Result in 5 minutes
  • Can be used the day of expected period

Model:  MGX-030
Bar Code:  705422428516
Brand:  MediGenix

MediGenix Pregnancy Test Midstream (1 Test)

The MediGenix Midstream Pregnancy Test aids with the early detection of pregnancy. It can be used by home or professional users. It has a 99% accuracy, is easy-to-use and results are shown within 5 minutes.

Each box contains 1 pouch, the operating instructions, 1 pregnancy test pen and a sachet of desiccant.

How to use: Take the blue cap off the test and hold the handle, exposing the tip the cap was originally covering. The tip should point downwards and come into contact with the urine stream for at least 15 seconds. Then immediately place the blue cap back onto the tip and lay on a flat surface. After 5 minutes it will show the result of the test in the window. 

Because modern pregnancy tests are so sensitive they can produce false positives. It's advisable to wait until after the date of the expected period and then to follow through with a blood test.


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