Paper Mints Display Box (x24)

  • 24 Sheets
  • Perfect fit in pockets and bags
  • Fresh breath
  • Long lasting minty flavour
  • Sugar free
  • Ideal for smokers or after eating

Model:  PAP001
Bar Code:  5425010091025
Brand:  PaperMints

Paper Mints Display Box (x24)
 Paper Mints Display Box (x24)Paper Mints Display Box (x24) 

Want fresh breath that's long lasting? Paper Mints can do just that.

Each case contains 24 sheets that melt in your mouth and provide ultimate freshness. They are a refreshing minty flavour that is design to tackle both causes of Halitosis ; the mouth and the stomach. 

Ideal for smokers, after eating or drinking.

They come in a small case so are the perfect fit in a pocket, purse or wallet. 

Stay fresh everyday with Paper Mints.

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