Coolmeds Companion Cold Pack (1's)

  • Made for the CoolMeds Companion case
  • Keeps medication cool at 2-8°C  
  • Stays cold for 18-24hrs
  • 1 cold pack

Model:  MGX-076
Bar Code:  Coolmeds Companion Cold Pack (1's)
Brand:  CoolMeds

Coolmeds Companion Cold Pack (1's)

This cold pack is specifically designed to be used with the CoolMeds Companion Case. 

It's recommended to use two of these cold packs together in the Companion Case. The pair of cold packs is intended to encircle a cooling cage, ensuring consistent and thorough cooling coverage for your medication.

This product is sold individually, so if you happen to damage one of your frozen cold packs, you can purchase a spare unit to replace it. Suggestion replacing the cold packs every 24 months with a new one. This is likely to ensure its effectiveness in maintaining the desired temperature for your medications.

Weight: 740 grams, which could be useful information for transportation or storage purposes.   


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