CoolMeds Global Cold Pack (1's)

  • A single spare cold pack for the CoolMeds Global
  • Keeps medicine cool at 2-8°C  
  • Stays cold for 30-36 hrs
  • x 1 cold pack

Model:  MGX-079
Bar Code:  5060796620498
Brand:  CoolMeds

CoolMeds Global Cold Pack (1's)
 CoolMeds Global Cold Pack (1's)CoolMeds Global Cold Pack (1's) 

Design Purpose: The cold pack is specifically designed for use in conjunction with the CoolMeds Global Case. It features a ribbed design that creates a space between the "cool cage" (likely a compartment for medication storage) and the frozen cold pack itself. This space serves as a buffer zone to prevent medications from becoming too cold or over-chilled.

Protection: The primary function of this buffer zone is to protect the medication from potentially harmful low temperatures that could occur when using a traditional cold pack directly against the medication.

Spare Cold Pack: It is recommended to have a spare cold pack for your CoolMeds Global Case. This is useful in case the original cold pack gets dropped or damaged during travel. Having a spare ensures that your medications can remain at the appropriate temperature during your journey.

Replacement Interval: The manufacturer recommends replacing the cold pack after 24 months. This likely accounts for the wear and tear that can occur over time, potentially affecting its effectiveness in maintaining the desired temperature.

Weight: The cold pack has a weight of 900 grams, which is useful information for travelers who need to consider weight restrictions when packing their medications and accessories.

Overall, the CoolMeds cold pack appears to be a specialized accessory aimed at maintaining the temperature of medications during travel, with a focus on both functionality and convenience for users.


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