POC Multi-Parameter LUX Meter Lipid Test Strips

  • x10 test strips
  • Measures triglycerides & cholesterol levels
  • 15 µL blood sample
  • 3 minute measuring time
  • To be use with LUX meter only

Model:  3820300
Bar Code:  8032937231440
Brand:  LUX

POC Multi-Parameter LUX Meter Lipid Test Strips
 POC Multi-Parameter LUX Meter Lipid Test StripsPOC Multi-Parameter LUX Meter Lipid Test Strips 

As much as our bodies need cholesterol, too much of it in our blood can be fatal. It can prevent blood from flowing through the arteries so they become deprived of everything they need to function. This can lead to heart disease.

With these test strips you can obtain your triglyceride levels, total cholesterol, cholesterol HDL & LDL and the ratio between total cholesterol/HDL and LDL/HDL. This can give you an idea of whether you need to take action to improve your levels or put your mind at ease knowing your levels are healthy. 

Only a small sample of 15 µL is needed and the measurements are shown on the screen within 3 minutes.

To ensure you can keep on top of your health and cholesterol levels, these strips are ideal. 

*Only to be used in conjunction with POC Multi-Parameter LUX Meter.*


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