Core Blood Glucose Meter Test Kit

  • Tiny blood sample
  • 5 Seconds to test 
  • Alternative site testing
  • 450 memory capacity
  • Downloadable results
  • 4 Alarm settings
  • Neonatal testing mode
  • Test strip ejection function
  • Carrying bag included

Model:  MGX-040
Bar Code:  4712803562970
Brand:  OKmeter

Core Blood Glucose Meter Test Kit
 Core Blood Glucose Meter Test KitCore Blood Glucose Meter Test Kit 

The Core OKmeter is a blood glucose meter, made for simple use at home. Designed to help diabetics keep an eye on their glucose levels, the Core OKmeter is user friendly to aid this. Making sure your glucose levels are normal is a key part in managing diabetes. If they aren't closely adhered to, it can significantly impact your health. 

With the strip ejection button and self coding features, this meter allows for a simple and quick 5 second reading. Along with this, it accepts alternative site testing and only requires a very small sample which makes it ideal for home use. Not only does the meter have a 450 downloadable memory capacity with date and time, it is also DVLA compliant for truck drivers. It also has a pre and post prandial tag function and neonatal testing mode. These are very helpful features to ensure each reading is as accurate as possible. 

You no longer need to go to the doctors to check your sugar levels and with 4 different alarm settings, you can relax knowing you won't forget to take your next reading. 


  • Blood Glucose Meter (with battery)
  • Blood Glucose Test Strip X 10
  • Lancing Device, Lancets x 10, User Guide
  • Test Strip Instruction
  • Log Sheet
  • Carrying Bag
  • Warranty Card

Summary of features: 5 second reading time, no coding needed, alternative site testing, small blood sample, 450 downloadable memory capacity with date and time, neonatal testing mode, wide measuring range, strip ejection button, pre and post prandial tag function, 4 alarm settings, case included. 


The control solution is sold separately.

Why perform a control solution test?

1. To ensure that your meter and test strip are working properly together.

2. To allow you to practice testing without using your own blood.

When should the control solution test be performed?

1. When you first get your OKmeter Core meter. Before using this system to test your blood, you can practice the procedure by using control solution. When you can do three tests in a row that are within the expected range, you are ready to test your blood.

2. Once a week (to make sure that you continue to get accurate results)

3. When you begin using a new vial of test strips.

4. Whenever you suspect that the meter or test strips are not working properly.

5. When your blood glucose test results are not consistent with how you feel, or when you think your results are not accurate.

6. When test strips are exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

7. If you drop the meter.


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