MultiCare IN Triglyceride Strips (25's)

  • x25 Strips 
  • For use with MultiCare IN Meter only
  • Small 8µL blood sample needed
  • 30 Second test time
  • Comes in compact tube

Model:  3830270
Bar Code:  8002937230378
Brand:  MultiCare IN

MultiCare IN Triglyceride Strips (25's)

The MultiCare IN Tryiglyceride Strips are designed to work with the MultiCare IN Meter only. In each box you get 25 strips and a compact tube for them to be kept in. When purchasing the MultiCare IN Meter, this is a handy extra to buy so you always have some strips as a reserve.

Each strips needs a small blood sample of 8µL to test triglyceride levels and the measuring time is about 30 seconds or so. The strips allow a measurement range of 50-500 mg/dl (0.56 – 5.6mmol/L) 

You can also purchase a tube of x5 test strips here.

Always read the instructions before using.

Why do I need to test my triglyceride levels? Triglycerides store unused calories which can lead to hardening of the arteries and increase the risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. By keeping track of this you can take control and implement any lifestyle changes you may need to stay healthy.