MultiCare IN Glucose Electrodes (50's)

  • x50 Electrodes
  • For use with MultiCare IN meter only
  • Less than 5 second test time
  • Tiny blood sample needed
  • Comes with compact storage tube
  • Machine not included

Model:  3830280
Bar Code:  8002937230347
Brand:  MultiCare IN

MultiCare IN Glucose Electrodes (50's)

The MultiCare IN Glucose Electrodes are compatible with the MultiCare IN Meter only. 50 strips and a compact tube for them to be stored in are included in each pack. This is a great add-on item when purchasing the MultiCare IN Meter so you always have a good supply. 

A tiny blood sample of 0.5µL is all that is needed to test glucose levels and the measuring time is less than 5 seconds. The strips allows a measurement range of 10-600 mg/dl (0.6 – 33.3mmol/L).

Always read the instructions before using. Machine not included.

Why is testing glucose levels important? Testing glucose can allow you to see whether your levels are healthy or not. Diabetics in particular need to keep track of their levels to ensure they aren't to low or too high. If they are, it can cause lots of problems in the heart, nerves and eyes.