Rossmax Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

  • For professional and clinical use
  • Automatic & Auscultatory measurements
  • Atrial Fibrillation detection
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • Tachycardia detection
  • Bradycardia detection
  • Premature contraction detection
  • Professional valve deflation
  • Movement detection
  • Cuff detection
  • 3 cuff sizes included

Model:  AC1000f
Bar Code:  4715139501712
Brand:  Rossmax

Rossmax Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
 Rossmax Professional Blood Pressure MonitorRossmax Professional Blood Pressure Monitor 

The Rossmax Professional Blood Pressure Monitor is an attractive, high-quality machine designed by a leading Swiss Cardiologist to meet every possible need in one go. It is designed for healthcare professional use due to it's wide range of functions. 

Along with measuring a patient’s blood pressure efficiently and accurately, it can also detect a variety of other conditions such as;

  • arrhythmia
  • premature contraction
  • atrial fibrillation
  • tachycardia
  • bradycardia

All incredibly important to look out for in order to ensure a healthy respiratory system.

There is inbuilt cuff and movement detection, which ensures a higher level of accuracy in comparison to other devices, as well as a professional level valve that controls the deflation rate of the cuff to receive the right pulse strength. The Rossmax Professional Blood Pressure Monitor gives the user the freedom to choose between Automatic or Auscultatory measurement – as well as providing marking for diastolic and systolic when using Auscultatory measurement. The battery can last for 600 measurements; providing all round high-quality service with low energy usage.

There is also the option to download the data on the monitor using a USB cable, which ideal for keeping track of patients BP readings. 

Included when purchased is an anti-splash protective cover, which can easily be wiped clean, along with an AC/DC adaptor to charge the monitor. With 3 different cuff sizes included, this is ideal for clinical use in pharmacies, hospitals or clinics. A Blood Pressure Monitor Trolley can be purchased separately to keep all the equipment together. 

Size guide:

  • Small Cuff: 16-26cm
  • Medium Cuff: 24-36cm
  • Large Cuff: 34-46cm