Rossmax X9 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Professional blood pressure monitor
  • WHO Hypertension risk indicator
  • 90 downloadable memory
  • Small, medium and large cuff included
  • Automatic and auscultatory mode available
  • Lifetime calibration

Detects: Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Premature contraction, Arrhythmia, Atrial fibrillation, Movement, ​Loose cuff

Model:  X9
Bar Code:  4715139501668
Brand:  Rossmax

Rossmax X9 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
 Rossmax X9 Upper Arm Blood Pressure MonitorRossmax X9 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 

The Rossmax X9 Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced device created in Switzerland, containing technology designed by a leading Swiss Cardiologist, to provide the user with optimal service and accurate results.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK. As a result, it is important to be vigilant and do regular assessments to check for conditions and monitor the health of your heart and body. The X9 uses PARR technology (Pulse Arrhythmia Technology) to carry out advanced risk assessments, normally only possible through several devices, in one place. This provides the user with an understanding of their risk of cardio diseases and disorders.

The X9 is able to test the risk of:

  • Arrhythmia ARR (irregular heartbeat)
  • Atrial Fibrillation (Atrial quivers and irregular beating)
  • Premature Contractions (Extra, abnormal heartbeats in unusual areas of your heart
  • Tachycardia (Fast heart rate of over 100bpm in adults without stress)
  • Bradycardia (Slow heart rate of less than 55 bpm in adults without endurance training)
  • Hypertension

On the screen it displays the blood pressure, heart rate and also on the left it shows a hypertension risk indicator to clearly state whether there is a high risk (red) or low risk (green). 

Both Automatic and Auscultatory modes are available to suit all operators. To help get the most accurate results, the X9 has movement and loose cuff detection to let the user know to stay as still as possible or to tighten the cuff. The Rossmax BP monitor can also remember the last 90 readings, which are also downloadable through the USB port.

Making it a leader in accuracy and functionality, the Rossmax X9 BP monitor gives the patient the ability to monitor the health of their heart successfully.

Included is an AC/DC adaptor, storage bag, batteries, 3 different sized cuffs and an instruction manual.

Cuff size guide:

 L size: 34~46cm (13.4”~18.1”) M size: 24~36cm (9.5”~14.2”) S size: 16~26cm (6.3”~10.2”)


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