8-inch Breathable Lumbar Support with 2 plastic stays

  • Breathable, mesh back support
  • 8 inches high
  • 4 sizes available
  • 2 plastic stays
  • Comfortable and slim
  • Stabilises lower back
  • Reduces muscle tension

Model:  CPO-6213-S
Bar Code:  4716329557854
Brand:  EuniceMed

8-inch Breathable Lumbar Support with 2 plastic stays

What is the lumbar support with 2 plastic stays?

This support is made from a breathable mesh material which is very comfortable and to wear all day. The support aims to stabilise the back to help relieve muscle tension and reduce aches and pains. It is designed with an external strengthening strap which enhances the fit and compression of the support. 

What are the benefits of wearing this lumbar support?

The support provides a form of pain relief as it reduces the muscle tension and weight the lower back undergoes. Also, the support can help the lower back to heal from injury as it limits movement. In general the support helps with overall back posture.

What do the 2 plastic stays do?

The plastic stays ensure the support stay in shape whilst also being flexible in order to stabilise the back but without restricting movement. They encourage the lower back to be in a certain position to help relieve pain and discomfort.

Size Waist (cm)
Small 58-68
Medium 68-80
Large 80-92
X-Large 92-105

Comparison of Lumbar Supports:

Type 4 sizes available Mesh material Steel stays Black Unisex
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9 inch Breathable Lumbar support with 4 plastic stays

8 inch Lumbar support with 2 plastic stays

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