9-inch Lumbar Support with 4 steel stays

  • Lower back support
  • 9 inches high
  • 4 sizes available
  • Strengthening strap enhances fit
  • Compression design provides stability
  • 4 steel stays for increased support

Model:  CPO-6214-S
Bar Code:  4716329557892
Brand:  EuniceMed

9-inch Lumbar Support with 4 steel stays

What is the lumbar support with 4 steel stays?

This lumbar support is designed to provide stability along with reducing pressure on the spine by relieving some of the weight on the lower back which can help ease muscle tension. It is also designed to limit movement and micro-motion due to the compression of the support. 

What are the benefits of wearing this lumbar support?

Firstly, as the support reduces the pain caused by tension in the muscle, it acts as a source of pain relief. Also, as the support limit movement, it allows an injury to heal better but also avoid injury too. The support makes the user more aware of their body's position which can help improve posture and general back health. 

What do the 4 steel stays do?

The steel stays to ensure the support stay in shape so that it can provide optimal support. As they are fixed in shape, it means the support is too and therefore always encouraging the lower back to be in a certain position to help relieve pain and discomfort.

Size Waist (cm)
Small 58-70
Medium 70-85
Large 85-100
X-Large 100-110

Comparison of Lumbar Supports:

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9 inch Lumbar support with 4 steel stays

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