Child Clavicle support

  • Childs clavicle support for 2-7 year olds
  • Keeps area immobilised after fracture
  • Allows bone to heal 
  • Stabilises the collarbone to stop further injury
  • Gently holds the shoulders back to correct posture
  • Made with foam straps covered with stockinette with a soft back
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit

Model:  E-CL801
Bar Code:  4712302982156
Brand:  E-Life

Child Clavicle support

The clavicle is a very commonly broken bone in children as the clavicle is more exposed that other bones and has less support from other muscles and ligaments. Children tend to break their clavicle during high impact sports and can even fracture them if they have a nasty fall.

By wearing a clavicle support, it can help with the healing process and it immobilises the clavicle and stabilises it, also it avoid the injury getting worse. The support also helps correct and encourage better posture by gently holding the shoulders back. 

For a comfortable fit, the support has adjustable straps, foam strap padding with a stockinette over it and a soft back piece. 


2-7years: 51-61cm chest circumference