ROM Elbow Brace with Hand Grip

  • Immobilises and stabilises the elbow
  • Limits range of motion
  • Ideal for:
    -Internally fixed fractures of humerus, proximal raduis or ulna
    -Elbow dislocation
  • Padded lined malleable aluminum cuffs for a perfect fit
  • Light weight but streamlined durable aluminum hinge provides maximum protection
  • Simply press and rotate hinge with lock

Model:  E-EL094AL
Bar Code:  4710374233817
Brand:  E-Life

ROM Elbow Brace with Hand Grip
ROM Elbow Brace with Hand GripROM Elbow Brace with Hand GripROM Elbow Brace with Hand GripROM Elbow Brace with Hand Grip

What does the elbow brace do?

The brace stabilises and immobilises the elbow joint to help with recovery after an injury or operation. Also, it limits the range of movement of the elbow to prevent disruption to recovery. 

When should the brace be used?

It is designed to be used after an operation of internally fixed fractures of the distal humerus, proximal radius or ulna, or as a treatment of elbow dislocation. 

What is the design?

With padded lined malleable aluminium cuffs, the brace allows for a comfortable, precise fit. The lightweight but streamlined durable aluminium hinge provides maximum protection whilst the "pull-pin design” enables easy release for Slide-to-Size length adjustments. Also, the brace has a hand rest so the hand is correctly aligned with the arm. The brace is available for the left or right elbow. 

Extension limitation from 0° ~ 105°
Flexion limitation from 0° ~ 120°
Lock limitation from 0° ~ 90°
Adjustable in every 15 degrees


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