Post-op Elbow Brace

  • Ideal for:
    -after surgery
    -elbow dislocation
    -stable or internally fixed fractures of the humerus, raduis or ulna
  • Immobilises the elbow to aid recovery
  • Adjustable ROM via hinges
  • Padded cuffs
  • Lightweight but durable

Model:  E-EL092-L
Bar Code:  4712302981944
Brand:  E-Life

Post-op Elbow Brace
Post-op Elbow BracePost-op Elbow BracePost-op Elbow Brace
Post-op Elbow BracePost-op Elbow Brace

What is a ROM elbow brace?

A ROM elbow brace is designed to support the elbow joint after injury. With this particular brace, it's position isn't fixed in the sense that the range of motion (ROM) can be adjustable simply by changing the hinge settings. This helps to control how much the elbow joint can move to avoid overusing it. 

What are the benefits of wearing this elbow brace?

Firstly, the brace protects the elbow from worsening the injury as it limits how much you can move the elbow. This in turn, helps the elbow to heal and the ligaments aren't being disturbed as much. Also, the brace is comfortable to wear due to the padded lining and adjustable cuffs, which allow to user to find the perfect fit. As you can change the hinge settings, you can gradually increase the ROM overtime as the elbow heals, which can help the elbow slowly recover to normal. 


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