Post-op Deluxe Knee Brace

  • Immobilises the knee to aid recovery
  • Ideal for post operation
  • Ideal for injured collateral and/or cruciate ligaments
  • Prevents valgus or varus deviation
  • Adjustable range of movement
  • Padded aluminium cuffs
  • Anti-slip design
  • Lightweight and durable

Model:  E-KN099
Bar Code:  4712302985348
Brand:  E-Life

Post-op Deluxe Knee Brace

What does the post-op knee brace do?

The post-op knee brace is designed to immobilise the knee whilst supporting and stabilising it. It also controls the range of movement which can be adjusted as well by changing the hinges settings.

Why is it helpful?

The brace is helpful for those who have just had an operation on the collateral and/or cruciate ligaments. The brace also prevents valgus or varus deviation. 

What is the design?

Padded lined malleable aluminum cuffs allow for a precise fit along with anti-slip pads which prevent the brace from sliding and slipping off. The aluminium hinge is durable whilst being lightweight to provide maximum protection and comfort. ”Pull pin design” enables easy release for slide-to-size length adjustments.

Simply press and rotate hinge with lock

Extension limitation from 0° ~ 105°
Flexion limitation from 0° ~ 120°
Lock from 0° ~ 90°
Adjustable in every 15 degrees


Length:  48-61cm
Circumference: Calf Max: 48cm. Thigh Max: 61cm


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