Post-op Knee Brace Cut-off type

  • Stabilises knee joint
  • Controls range of motion
  • Ideal for injured or post operative knee joints
  • Immobilses knee to aid recovery
  • Prevents valgus or varus deviation
  • Full foam material can be cut to size
  • Durable and adjustable aluminium hinge

Model:  E-KN099B
Bar Code:  4712302985355
Brand:  E-Life

Post-op Knee Brace Cut-off type
 Post-op Knee Brace Cut-off typePost-op Knee Brace Cut-off type 

What does the post-op knee brace cut-off type aim to do?

This brace is designed to immobilise the knee to help it recover, whilst limiting the range of motion to stabilise the knee. It also works to prevent valgus and varus deviation due to the long sidebars. 

When would this be used?

Ideal for anyone who has suffered an injury, or just had surgery on collateral and/or cruciate ligaments. 

What is the design?

The brace has full foam inside which can be cut down to the perfect size for the user. The streamlined, durable aluminium hinge provides maximum protection but with minimum weight. Also, it has adjustable hinges so you can control the range of motion allowed in the knee.

Range of Motion:

Extension limitation from 0° ~ 105°
Flexion limitation from 0° ~ 120°
Lock from 0° ~ 90°

Size: Universal

Length: 44-57cm

Circumference: Calf: 48cm. Thigh: 61cm


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