CoolMeds Buffer Pad

  • Replacement buffer pad for CoolMeds 2-8°C Isothermic bag
  • Helps prevent medicine from freezing
  • Regulates temperature 
  • Essential extra 

Model:  MGX-005
Bar Code:  705422428059
Brand:  CoolMeds

CoolMeds Buffer Pad

The CoolMeds buffer pad is used in the CoolMeds 2-8°C Isothermic bag. Acting as a protective regulator the buffer pad absorbs the initial excess cold from the freshly frozen cold packs and releases the cold into the bag without freezing your medicine. This is important since keeping your medicine from going below 2°C is just as important as protecting it from going above 8°.

Spare buffer pads should be bought in pairs and should be replaced every 2 years to maintain the efficiency of the bag and to ensure your medication is never at risk.

Do not freeze the buffer pads.