CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)

  • Keeps medicine between 2-8°C
  • Stays cool for 12-18 hrs
  • Perfect for long haul flights
  • Carries 4 pens/syringes
  • Integrated digital thermometer
  • Includes x 2 cold packs and 2 buffer boards
  • High quality canvas material
  • Best seller

Model:  MGX-009
Bar Code:  705422428141
Brand:  CoolMeds

CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)
CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)
CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)CoolMeds Classic Case (2 - 8C)

The CoolMeds Classic case has been specially designed, using high quality materials, to safely transport temperature sensitive medicine between 2-8°C for 12-18hrs*. We know travelling can be stressful without having the added worry of carrying 2-8°C medicine. It is very important  the medicine doesn't get too warm otherwise it can be an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and cause the compounds to breakdown. Also if it gets too cold and freezes, it will then thaw when it warms up again. 

What makes this case special is that it is fitted with integrated digital thermometer, which gives the user peace of mind by allowing them to monitor the case’s internal temperature without opening the case. There are 4 elasticated product loops and the netted pouch to ensure that PRODUCT are kept at the optimal position in the carry case (suitable for vials, syringes and pens). As a guide, the internal space accommodates 4 pens that are up to 18 cm long and 1.8 cm in diameter. The case itself is made from high quality material for maximum insulation inside and canvas on the outside. 

It comes with two CoolMeds Cold Packs which offer a longer cooling effect and durability during frequent use. Along with two CoolMeds Buffer boards which absorb excessive cold and protect medicine from freezing or over-cooling. These can also be bought separately as they are good to have as spares. Internal thermometer batteries (2 x AG13 batteries) are also included. 

Our customers absolutely love this case as it never fails to look after their medicine when travelling and puts their minds at rest.


  • Case when packed with cold packs, buffer boards and medicine is approximately: 23 (L) x 17.5 (W) x 10 cm (H)
  • Cold pack weight: 370 grams each

Before purchasing, read our information manual under the 'User Manual' tab. 

We highly recommend you do at least one trial run before your journey to make sure you are confident in using the case. This is because every environment is different so this may affect how quickly the cold packs defrost and it will give you time to ask us any questions. 

*Depending on external factors such as the ambient temperature; ambient humidity; how many times the case is opened etc. As such the responsibility for ensuring the medication is kept cold enough is solely that of the user and Syringa UK Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable.


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