OKmeter Control Solution

  • Control solution
  • For use with Core & Hitech meter only
  • Ideal for practice testing
  • Test whether strips and meter are working correctly

Model:  MGX-064
Bar Code:  4712803562999
Brand:  Core OKmeter

OKmeter Control Solution

The OKmeter control solution is to be used with the Core and Hitech blood glucose meters to test the meter and strips are working correctly. It is also a useful tool to help the user practice testing prior to testing on themselves. 

To ensure the meter is working correctly, the control solution test should be performed in lots of different situations such as:

  • If your results seem inconsistent
  • Once a week to check the meter is working as normal
  • When you begin a new vial of test strips
  • If you drop or potentially damage the meter
  • If the test strips have been exposed to extreme conditions

For more information on how to perform a control test, navigate to our user manual tab.