Nasal Washer

  • To be used with any Rossmax nebuliser
  • Flushes and treats nasal cavities
  • Can be used by adults and children
  • Suitable for home or hospital use

Model:  NW1
Bar Code:  4715139001779
Brand:  Rossmax

Nasal Washer
Nasal WasherNasal WasherNasal Washer

The Rossmax nasal washer is a great additional purchase when buying any of the Rossmax nebulisers. 

It is designed to flush and treat the nasal cavities and Rhinopharynx by flushing a saline solution such as isotonic and hypertonic solutions, warm water or medicated solutions. 

Nasal washers can be used to:

  • help clear the nasal passages
  • avoid colds
  • get rid of pollen
  • keeps the mucous lining moist