Probe Covers for Rossmax Ear Infrared Thermometer

Model:  PC010
Bar Code:  4715139001557
Brand:  Rossmax

Probe Covers for Rossmax Ear Infrared Thermometer
 Pack Quantity: 10'sPack Quantity: 500's 

Rossmax Probe Covers are designed to replace the Rossmax RA600 Ear Infrared Thermometer probe covers only.

If you run out of the covers, having a box as a reserve is always useful. When using the Rossmax Ear Thermometer in a clinical environment, having probe covers is vital for hygiene and cleanliness.

The probes covers are simple to replace. Simply put the cover on a turn to the right to secure it on.

Please note: These covers aren't designed for any other thermometer so may effective the accuracy of the thermometer. Similarly, if the Rossmax Ear Thermometer is used with different probe covers, you may compromise the accuracy of the reading. 

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