Child Soft Foam Cervical Collar

  • 25-31cm circumference
  • Made for children
  • For neck pain or sprain
  • Restricts neck movement
  • Gently supports the neck and spine
  • Designed to fit to the contour in the neck
  • Hook and loop closure

Model:  E-CO801-2531
Bar Code:  4710374230670
Brand:  E-Life

Child Soft Foam Cervical Collar

A cervical collar is designed to help prevent movement in the neck and to gently support the spine. This is useful in the event of an acute neck sprain or strain. 

The paediatric collar is made for young children and has a circumference size of 25-31cm and height of 6cm. It is made with a soft foam material with medium density, enough to provide support whilst being comfortable to wear. 

To ensure the collar fits well, it has been designed to fit the contours of the neck to provide the best support.