Child Adjustable Cervical Collar

  • Adjustable size 20-46cm
  • Supports the neck, spine and surrounding muscle groups
  • Restricts movement in the neck
  • Made with polyethylene foam for maximum comfort
  • Oversized trachea opening for emergency tracheostomy
  • Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible

Model:  E-CO806
Bar Code:  4712302986994
Brand:  E-Life

Child Adjustable Cervical Collar

Cervical collars restrict movement in the neck and limit spine flexion, rotation and extension to avoid injury. The paediatric adjustable cervical collar does just that, whilst supporting the neck, spine and surrounding muscle groups. 

It is especially helpful when a child has acute neck pain, strain or has had an injury. There is an over-sized trachea opening in the case where an emergency tracheostomy needs to take place. It also allows for pulse reading to be taken and allows ventilation. Also, it can be worn during MRI and CT scans.

Due to the moulded, ergonomic design and adjustable sliding tabs, the collar has been made to be as comfortable as possible. 


Made from a strong polypropylene material and polyethylene foam.