Child Cervical Collar with Trachea Opening

  • Made for children
  • 25-31cm neck circumference
  • Designed to limit movement in the neck
  • To wear for small neck strains and pains
  • Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit most children
  • Trachea opening to allow pulse monitoring and emergency tracheostomies

Model:  E-CO802A
Bar Code:  4710374230694
Brand:  E-Life

Child Cervical Collar with Trachea Opening

The paediatric cervical collar with trachea opening is ideal for children who have neck pain or strain or who have recently experienced cervical injury. 

With a trachea opening, it allows for ventillation around the neck which is a lot more comfortable, but also means that if necessary, a tracheostomy and quickly be carried out. The collar has an ergonomic design to allow for a better fit around the neck. Also, the collar help the user to avoid movement in the neck and avoid unnecessary motion. 

Size wise, the collar has a height of 6cm and fits a neck with a circumference of 25-31cm.