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6-inch Lumbar Support with 4 plastic stays

Medium support for lower back

8-inch Breathable Lumbar Support with 2 plastic stays

Supportive back brace with breathable mesh material

9-inch Breathable Lumbar Support with 4 plastic stays

Breathable, flexible back support

9-inch Lumbar Support with 4 steel stays

Lumbar support to stabilise lower back

Baseball Finger Splints

Secure, stabilises and straightens finger

Daily OA Knee Brace

Knee support for those with osteoarthritis

Fixed Walker

Support boot for ankle sprain or stable fracture

Fold-over Breathable Finger Splint

Breathable finger splint that provides total immobilisation

Four prong finger splints

Protects finger tip and provides full immobilisation

Frog Finger Splints

Hold and protects injured finger in desired alignment

Pneumatic Fixed Walker

Ideal for ankle injuries, with inflatable aircells for further support

Post-op Deluxe Knee Brace

Immobilises the knee joint to aid recovery

Post-op Elbow Brace

Immobilisation brace with adjustable range of motion

Post-op Knee Brace Cut-off type

Stablises knee joint for after injury or operation

ROM Elbow Brace with Hand Grip

Stabilises the elbow joint for after injury and operation

ROM Walker

Lightweight, supportive boot for ankle injuries


Page 1 of 1:    18 Items